We all have our own mountains to climb, the day to day dramas at home, work and play. We've created the Recover App to help support a happy, healthy mind as well as help you recover from worry, stress, anxiety, fear and discontent in your life.

Whats more important than how you feel?
The App
The truth is that we all want to change how we feel. Society has led us to believe that to feel amazing we need fame, fortune or other material things, to be enough! Some use alcohol, smoking, sugar or other substances to change their mood. Join us and discover what creates your emotions and how you can change how you feel .
The Science
Scientific studies show specific activities such as daily exercise, mindfulness / meditation and gratitude activities can benefit everyones mental well being, delivering significant reduction in stress and anxiety. The Recover App brings together indispensable resources, tools and daily action planner to help you.
The Feedback
Join everyone already using the app, who are telling us that it is making a real difference in their lives, each connecting with different aspects of what they have learned and from regular use of the tools and action plan.

How the Recover App helps you.

The app takes you on a journey of discovery, explaining how stress and worry are there to protect you and are a good thing, but in todays world we haven't evolved quick enough to identify that the worries we now have are not survival level events, yet they are still triggering our fight or flight response, resulting in horrible feelings in our mind and bodies. The app guides you through your feelings and emotions, providing a set of tools and actions to transform your life, a day at a time. We all become what we think and focus upon... is it time for you to change?

We are all predisposed to experience emotions which we regularly experience with time, effort and repetition you can change how you feel.

Worry is hard wired in our brains to protect us from present danger. It can be triggered by what we think, even if its not real, resulting in energy being sent to our mind and body.

We're good at coming up with reasons why not to do something, now is the time to define your 'why should I' question?

Negative emotions are telling you something needs to change, its a signal, nothing more, but they can trigger worry, stress and anxiety.

We've developed a range of tools to help you on your recover journey, which can help in moments of need and through regular use.

Change doesn't happen just by thinking about it, it takes action. The action planner allows you to schedule our must do daily activities, towards a healthier, happier life.

Available on iOS for $1.99 / £1.99

No subscriptions or advertising just a one time low fee, similar to the cost of a packet of headache tablets, which can transform how you feel. Available to help anytime, anyplace, anywhere on your iPad or iPhone.

Who will Recover help?

We have designed the Recover App for you to make a positive impact in your life and change how you feel. If you want to CHANGE...


How you feel is not conditioned by life's external circumstances, but by your choices, how you interpret events, the pictures in your head and the words you use.


The FIGHT or FLIGHT alarm in us is designed to switch on, get us out of danger and switch off. When this malfunctions it can make us feel worried all the time, we call this anxiety.


Work stress? Money worries? Difficulty sleeping? Everyone gets stressed, which can actually be good for you, depending on how you perceive it. If stress overwhelms you, it can have serious health impacts.


When we suffer from illnesses part of the battle in recovering can be in getting the mind not to worry, allowing the body to relax, repair and recover.
We know what it feels like to be stressed and anxious, our core aim is to help you recover and change how you feel quickly. What we found is that getting help for stress and anxiety is not easy, many try to treat the symptoms rather than help address the root cause. After years of research and helping friends, family and colleagues we created Recover to provide a low cost accessible tool to help you.
If you are an employer looking to help improve your teams mental wellness, we would welcome the opportunity to partner with you.
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Regular use of the Recover App can result in you feeling...


Recover has 19 happiness habits which will help you live a life of joy. Happiness is a choice, its contagious, you need to tell your face, smile and be happy!


You can train your mind to think positively, be mindful of limiting beliefs you have gathered over the years, 'I'm not good enough, I can't do this, I don't like..' etc.. and represent these beliefs in your mind with a new ending.


Using the Recover tools can help relax both your mind and body, helping you develop resilience over time to better handle triggers and stressors.


Gratitude is an important area to focus on in your life. Good thoughts and actions operate at a higher energy frequency, give to others what you desire most.